UK launches first zero-waste online grocery shopping service

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Loop is one of the most ambitious attempts yet to eliminate plastic waste from the household shop. Photo: Loop/PA
Loop is one of the most ambitious attempts yet to eliminate plastic waste from the household shop. Photo: Loop/PA

A zero-waste shopping service is launching to deliver groceries and household essentials in reusable packaging to homes across the UK.

Loop offers 150 products that usually come in single-use plastic packaging from 35 major brands, with more to be added in the future, that are delivered in fully reusable packaging which can be returned, cleaned and refilled through the scheme.

Customers ordering online from the Loop website are charged a deposit fee on each piece of refillable packaging which is fully refundable when the empty item is returned, and the products are then delivered by courier DPD in a reusable container.

Hailed as the “milkman reimagined,” customers can schedule a pick-up of their empty containers from the doorstep — which can be combined with the next delivery — to be cleaned

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Kanye West ‘drops out’ of presidential race after scoring just 2 per cent in poll

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AFP via Getty Images
AFP via Getty Images

Kanye West’s 2020 presidential campaign is thought to be over as quickly as it began.

Earlier this month, the rapper, 43, announced his intention to run against Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the US presidential elections in November.

However, less than two weeks after he confirmed his bid for the White House on Twitter using the hashtag #2020VISION, a member of West’s campaign team has claimed that the star has dropped out of the race.

“He’s out,” Steve Kramer, who was hired to help West get on the ballot in Florida and South Carolina, told New York Magazine’s The Intelligencer.

A member of West’s campaign team said the rapper is ‘out’ of the race (AFP via Getty Images)

Kramer said he was in the process of getting “stuff cancelled” and later added: ““I have nothing good or bad to say about Kanye.

“Everyone has their

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The 20 Industries That Will Never Be the Same After the Coronavirus

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There are occasions when a crisis sparks a wholesale change in the way that America does business. One of those epoch-shifting moments when people are forced to take note of a process they might not have questioned before, only to realize it has to change. Likewise, sometimes it’s a matter of an industry just needing that push to take steps toward the future that might otherwise have dragged on for years. Regardless, a major crisis can often spark major changes in the economy, and thus far, it appears the coronavirus pandemic won’t be any different.

Across the country, many businesses are in the process of learning a lot about their supply chains, their products, their workforce and perhaps most of all, just how crucial it can be to have infrastructure in place for remote work. As the coronavirus has essentially redefined the 2020 business year across the U.S., it’s also … Read More

20 Genius Things Mark Cuban Says To Do With Your Money

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You might have heard this billionaire’s name, but who is Mark Cuban and how did he make his money? It’s possible you know him as one of the sharks on the hit show “Shark Tank,” but Cuban is more than just a TV personality — he’s also the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and a successful investor. In fact, Mark Cuban’s companies are so successful that he made his first million in 1990 after selling his business to CompuServe and then earned a $5.9 billion paycheck after he sold his online streaming audio service to Yahoo in 1999.

Cuban knows how to be rich and successful, and he isn’t afraid to share his insight. Check out Mark Cuban’s advice, so you can learn how to budget money and think like a billionaire.

Last updated: July 15, 2020

1. Be a Little Bit of a Risk Taker

Talk to any self-made

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Tesco starts online refillable container trial

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Tesco is trialling a scheme in the UK where online shoppers will get products in reusable packaging.

The supermarket giant is joining forces with Loop, which styles itself as a “zero waste shopping platform”.

The trial covers 150 items, which will be delivered in reusable containers for which consumers pay a deposit.

Greenpeace said rising demand for home deliveries due to the lockdown gave “a real opportunity for innovation in reusable packaging”.

Tom Szaky, the chief executive of Loop, said the UK service would start off as a pilot, but would be delivering to the whole of the UK mainland, including Northern Ireland.

Customers will apply for the service by clicking on a link on the Tesco website, and will then be able to order their delivery, which will come in a bag via courier firm DPD.

After using the products, which include Heinz Tomato Ketchup, Persil washing liquid, Coca-Cola,

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Trump humiliates Sessions, Senate battleground hardens

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President Donald Trump’s interests in Tuesday’s primaries went beyond politics and his grip on the Republican Party.

Tuesday night was personal for Trump — and, on that measure, he won.

Jeff Sessions, Trump’s first attorney general and the target of his derision over the past three years, got drubbed in Alabama. Trump’s former White House physician, Ronny Jackson, won in Texas and is all-but-certain to come to Congress in January.

But the Trump-driven GOP contests weren’t the only ones on the ballot. Democrats are on the verge of finalizing their lineup of candidates for their Senate takeover drive, including tapping Sara Gideon to take on Susan Collins in Maine, one of the top races in the country. Both parties picked nominees in House races that point to their November strategies. And even the GOP’s under-the-radar primaries continued to be defined by Trump and his mutable cast of allies.

Here are

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How To Make Black Lives Matter At Harvard Business School

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When I first heard that Harvard Business School Dean Nitin Nohria had publicly apologized for the school’s numerous failures to the African-American community, I was both surprised by his personal confession of complicity and highly skeptical that the anti-Black culture that he had led for a decade would substantially improve. As a senior lecturer at the school for seven years from 2012 to 2019, I had been regularly lobbying Dean Nohria on Black issues. I would initiate meetings with him every year in the fall and spring, armed with my sheet of paper with “Black Agenda” handwritten on the top. I wrongfully assumed that a “man of color” would want to rid the school of its anti-Black racism. Boy, was I wrong! There was no progress.

And then, when I finally read his entire apology, I was outraged and glad that I had retired from the toxic anti-Black environment. The … Read More

LA County has more coronavirus cases than Canada, mayor says

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Los Angeles County now has more confirmed cases of the coronavirus than “all of Canada,” LA Mayor Eric Garcetti said during a Monday press conference about the virus. He also emphasized that if LA County was an “independent country” it would “have the 20th most cases in the world.”

When Garcetti made the statement on Monday, the county’s public health department was reporting over 136,000 laboratory-confirmed cases of the coronavirus in the county. There were more than 2,500 new cases reported on Monday and 13 deaths, according to the county’s data at that time.

In Canada, there have been 110,234 confirmed cases of the disease, resulting in 8,843 deaths as of Tuesday, according to numbers from Johns Hopkins University. 

“We have never had as many people infected or infectious. We have never had as many recorded positive cases each day. And we’ve never had as many people in the hospital

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How AGT Resumed Filming and Avoided Making ‘Just Another Zoom Show’ During COVID-19

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America’s Got Talent resumed production after a weeks-long hiatus, becoming one of the first major shows to figure out how to move forward with taping amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

On Tuesday, audiences were taken back to the final auditions, which were filmed in March without a live audience. The back-half of the two-hour episode was filled with online submissions after producers reopened the audition round.

As the NBC series navigates the next steps, executive producers Sam Donnelly and Jason Raff tell PEOPLE about juggling the unknowns and how they were able to film the competition’s next round on an outdoor set inspired by a drive-in theater right after pandemic restrictions were lifted in California.

“It feels really weird looking back at it now from where we are today. But it was a very, very interesting time to just see how day by day everything was changing,” Donnelly says, looking

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Tesco targets plastic waste with online trial

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LONDON (Reuters) – Online shoppers at Tesco will be able to order ketchup and Coca-Cola in refillable bottles as part of a pilot service by Britain’s biggest supermarket chain that aims to cut down on waste generated by plastic packaging.

Britons have become increasingly aware of the amount of plastic they use in recent years, with television documentaries such as David Attenborough’s “Blue Planet II” highlighting the dangers of plastic pollution to marine life.

Tesco has partnered with Loop, a spin-off of waste management company TerraCycle, for the trial which will allow online shoppers to buy products, such as Heinz Tomato Ketchup, Coca-Cola, Nivea moisturiser and Persil washing powder, in reusable containers.

The Tesco pilot follows one Loop launched with France’s Carrefour last year.

Customers will pay a refundable deposit on each piece of packaging used and receive products in Loop’s reusable bag.

After use, customers place the empty containers

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