Don’t pay full price, shop the best cycling shoe deals instead

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Cheap cycling shoes might, to some, feel like hypocrisy. Yes, it’s possible to buy cheap cycling shoes that perform the task of clipping your feet to your pedals, but the performance will likely be lacking, and the durability will undoubtedly suffer. 

When searching Google for ‘cheap’ anything, you’re not intending on finding badly made, poor quality products. What you want is good value for money, or the best product within budget constraints. Our pick of today’s best cycling shoes deals is here to help you save money while choosing the best option for you. 

Cycling shoes, while simple in concept, are meticulously scrutinised in operation. Comfort is king but it’s closely followed by stiffness, weight and even style. 

Style is easy to gauge from pictures alone, weight is a simple numerical comparison, and stiffness is comparable to a point but comfort is difficult, especially when shopping online. Cycling shoes are

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8 High-Risk Stocks

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Number 8
Number 8

As equity markets continue to recover after the collapse earlier in the year, many shares are now overvalued, according to Morningstar analysts.

Investors looking to capitalise on lockdown trends have chased e-commerce, tech and healthcare stocks, driving valuations ever higher. Indeed, Tesla’s (TSLA) shares have soared 200% this year, for example, while Shopify (SHOP)  is up nearly 140%. Such a rapid upward trajectory may not be a signal to buy, however – analysts warn many of these hot stocks are looking expensive.

UK Stocks to Avoid

We last looked stocks to avoid in April when valuations were starting to move higher after March’s sell-off.

To compile this list we look at stocks with an Uncertainty Rating of High or Very High, which have no Economic Moat, and which are rated as either one or two stars by Morningstar analysts, indicating that their shares are trading above their fair

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Coronavirus ‘will be a jumping-off point for change’: Temple University CFO

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The COVID-19 pandemic and the political ramifications that come with it have forced many universities to make tough, many hard financial decisions. 

The Trump administration’s plans to strip international students’ visas if their universities and institutions continue online-only instruction would force over 1 million students to leave or be deported. 

Ken Kaiser, Chief Financial Officer at Temple University, joined Yahoo Finance’s “On the Move” to discuss the adverse impact COVID-19 and the administration’s plan would have on not only his school but institutions all over the U.S. 

“The bottom line is that these international students pay for a public university like Temple out of state tuition. And that is a significant driver for our net tuition revenue at the University. So it is a big concern,” says Kaiser, who tells Yahoo Finance that Temple University is trying to work out partnerships with other international universities where the school’s foreign students

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‘The Hater’ on Netflix: Film Review

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Reteaming provocative Polish director Jan Komasa with screenwriter Mateusz Pacewicz, “The Hater” hits Netflix mere months after the duo’s acclaimed impostor-priest drama “Corpus Christi” was nominated for the Oscars’ newly rechristened international feature award. Timing wise, that’s a savvy acquisition of a youth-targeted thriller that deals with such topics as ethics, elections and online obsession, further boosted by the movie’s recent win at the Tribeca Film Festival — the event may have been canceled by the coronavirus, but the jury still voted, picking “The Hater” as the best of its international competition.

Such bona fides may inspire the streams for this . But Netflix has oddly omitted one key detail: “The Hater” is a sequel to Komasa’s 2011 button-pusher “Suicide Room.”

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In that film, a game of truth or dare inspires a popular high school kid to kiss another guy,

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4 things students should know about their health insurance and COVID-19 before heading to college this fall

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<span class="caption">College students should weigh their health insurance options if they take in-person classes this fall.</span> <span class="attribution"><a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:Geber86/GettyImages">Geber86/GettyImages</a></span>
College students should weigh their health insurance options if they take in-person classes this fall. Geber86/GettyImages

As colleges and universities decide whether or not to reopen their campuses this fall, much of the discussion has focused on the ethics behind the decision and the associated health risks of in-person instruction.

As a researcher who studies health insurance policy, I see two important gaps in this discussion: 1) Who should pay the cost of treating the inevitable COVID-19 cases that will occur; and 2) What do college students need to know about their coverage?

Here are four things I think every college student – and those who care about them – should know about health insurance coverage when it comes to COVID-19.

1. Weigh coverage options

If you’re covered under a student health insurance plan through your school, it may be worth considering whether that is still your best option. The

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Get on Track to Become a Certified Financial Analyst with This Helpful $40 Online Prep Course

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Anybody can start a business. Not everybody can scale a business to reach its fullest potential. Entrepreneurship takes a lot of guts, some specific expertise, and a heap of leadership skills. But one especially helpful ingredient is a financial education. Finance is the lifeblood of every business and understanding concepts like cash balance, working capital, and being able to create financial models is extremely valuable to an entrepreneur. Knowing how to manage your finances well right from the launch of your business can help you maximize efficiency and reduce waste, helping you to reach your goals faster.

In The All-In-One CFA Level 1 Exam Certification Prep Bundle, you’ll get the financial education you need to get on track to become a Certified Financial Analyst, which can be a big boost on your entrepreneurial journey.

This nine-course, 23-hour bundle is designed to teach you everything you need to know to pass

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‘I Want to Be the Most Honest Ally for My Community’

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James Rodriguez was a freshman at New York University when the then-aspiring actor first learned that his Mexican-American heritage was going to be a problem for Hollywood.

He had just nailed an audition for a big feature film, but the casting director was put off by the fact that his Caucasian-like skin tone was out of sync with his last name. So he was offered the chance to read for the role of a gang member, only to be told that he wasn’t right for that, either.

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“I didn’t look Latino enough,” he recalls. “They basically didn’t know what to do with me.”

The movie was Primal Fear. The lead role in question launched Ed Norton’s career.

Three years later, on the eve of his college graduation, Rodriguez nailed another big audition for a series-regular role in a buzzy, DreamWorks-produced TV pilot. But the issue of

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Paper or e-file? Some July tax filers won’t have choice due to glitch

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It’s tax season in July.

Given that the Internal Revenue Service has been dealing with a backlog of unprocessed paper tax returns, it may be even wiser at this point to e-file your 1040 by July 15, especially if you want to collect a tax refund as quickly as possible and use direct deposit to a bank account. 

The tax filing deadline, which was extended because of the coronavirus crisis, is fast approaching for millions of taxpayers who have yet to file their 2019 federal income tax returns.  

Oddly enough, some people may have little choice but to file a paper return for 2019 because of a computer headache triggered by the use of an online IRS stimulus tool for “non-filers.” It’s not a glitch that will hit everyone, but it’s certainly odd enough to worth noting. 

The rollout of the stimulus payments, officially called the Economic Impact Payment, included

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Can I go on holiday this summer and will I have to quarantine?

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For many, it felt like summer was cancelled as soon as Matt Hancock said as much on ITV’s This Morning back in early May.

“I think that’s likely to be the case,” the health secretary answered when asked if sunny season would be off the agenda for the first time since the Second World War.

But there are now glimmers of hope that something could be salvaged as Britain’s lockdown restrictions continue to ease. Here are your questions answered…

Will I be able to go on holiday this summer?

This is contingent on several factors: the current Foreign Office blanket ban on all international travel being lifted; the host country being willing to accept tourists from the UK; no quarantine being imposed upon arrival or return to the UK; the ability to get to the airport; and the ability to fly or otherwise travel to your chosen destination.


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You’ve found a home you like. Now what?

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When Liang Zhao and her husband decided to start looking for a dream home in late 2018, they were up for the challenge. “We had been renting in New York since 2011, and our parents were like, ‘You both make enough money, it’s time for you to put down some roots and stop throwing money away on rent,” says Zhao, a 32-year-old entrepreneur with a marketing consultancy.

So began the home buying process of speaking to a lender about the size of the mortgage they could potentially afford. Once they decided on the price range, they started putting away funds for the down payment, closing costs, repairs, and moving expenses. 

Referrals from family and friends helped them to find a broker they could trust. “Buying a house is a pretty strenuous process and the broker sees all of our personal financials,” says Zhao. “We wanted someone who truly understood the

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