What is Google Pay, and how do you use it?

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Like everything else, the way you pay for anything, from a movie theater ticket to a new car, is changing. Google Pay completely takes your finances and makes them high-tech by allowing you to combine all your accounts in one secure place.

The best part is it turns your phone into your personal banking system, letting you make payments or transfer money in the blink of an eye. Learn all the steps you need to follow to get up and running with this service right now.

Google Pay for smartphones

In iOS or Android, you can use Google Pay within Gmail to send money to any email address — even a non-Google one.  While services vary according to country, you can also request or accept money using Gmail. Whether you’re paying or accepting payment, your information is encrypted and you can easily revoke access to your Google account on

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Who’s Winning the Money Race in Your ZIP Code?

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Former Vice President Joe Biden had roughly 400,000 more individual donors than President Donald Trump in the last three months, the latest evidence of Biden’s newfound financial strength, according to a New York Times analysis of Federal Election Commission data.

The estimated donor numbers offer another sign of the nation’s political divisions. From April through June, Biden had more donors than Trump in 26 states, including key battlegrounds like Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Trump led in 24, including critical states like Florida and Arizona.

Biden attracted more donors in urban areas and on the coasts, while Trump had the advantage in rural areas around the country.

The most recent fundraising quarter unfolded as Democratic donors turned their focus to the general election, pouring money into Biden’s campaign and significantly narrowing the cash lead Trump had built by courting donors for his reelection bid since taking office in 2017.

Biden’s best

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Dumb Money Making Smart Stock Picks in Yearlong Robinhood Rally

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(Bloomberg) — One unexpected casualty of the 2020 market will be the popular notion that the pros have it over the amateurs when it comes to choosing stocks.

Top holdings by traders on the Robinhood retail app since the start of the year are up more than 1% on average, compared with a decline of 7% for the typical S&P 500 constituent. An analysis by Bespoke Investment Group shows that stocks usually attract a following on the platform after they suffer big drops, suggesting its newbie day-traders are succeeding at investing’s hardest task: Buying low and selling high.

“While commission-free, low-dollar traders are often viewed as a group who tend to do the opposite of the right thing (to be a little more derisive, ‘dumb money’), the Robinhood data actually suggests the opposite,” George Pearkes, a macro strategist at Bespoke, wrote in a report.

By now, the story is well

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11 tips for first-time car buyers, from establishing the right budget to how to have a perfect test drive

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New Chevys for sale fill the lot at Raymond Chevrolet in Antioch, Illinois, July 17, 2014.
New Chevys for sale fill the lot at Raymond Chevrolet in Antioch, Illinois, July 17, 2014.

John Gress/Corbis/Getty Images

  • Lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic are making first-time car buyers out of many.

  • Whether you’re buying new or used, it’s important to do your research before you commit to anything.

  • Vehicle maintenance is also an important thing to remember.

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Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, taking public transportation or flying might not seem so safe right now.

For many, the next logical step is to consider car ownership. People who have never owned a car before now suddenly find themselves endeavoring on the daunting task of car buying for the first time ever.

Car dealerships, in response to a drastic decline in foot traffic in their showrooms, have adopted virtual tours and car deliveries to make the process easier for those wishing to stay

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‘I didn’t know I’d lose money so fast’

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Stuck at home without a job during the pandemic, Kelly Mills initially turned to video games for escape. Then she decided to try her hand at a real world game: the stock market.

“I figured if I’m putting this much effort into the trading of these fictitious turnips, then surely I can figure out how the actual stock market works,” she says.

Soon the 34-year-old from Louisiana, who worked in the film industry, was following company rumours on Reddit, dialling into executive conference calls and tracking share prices as obsessively as posts on Instagram.

“I’m cooped up, I’m bored, I’ve got nothing better to do,” she says. “This isn’t me trying to make money. I’m just trying to pass the time.”

Like Ms Mills, millions of new investors in the US have piled into stocks in recent months, enabled by a dramatic crash in share prices in March, online brokerages

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10 Online Courses That Can Help Turn a Hobby Into a Side Hustle

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One of the side effects of COVID-19 is that millions of people across the United States (and world) are spending a lot more time at home. Even as people start responsibly hanging while sticking to the CDC’s latest guidelines, you may have some extra time on your hands that needs to be filled. If you’d like to turn that spare time into a side hustle for some extra income (or dip your toe into a new career path), your best bet is to try some online courses.

The best online learning platforms like Udemy, Masterclass, and LinkedIn Learning offer classes taught by professionals and run through an easy-to-understand syllabus you can review before signing up. Importantly, these are recorded lectures, not live classes. You can watch the entire course — which is broken down into different sections — on your web browser, or

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Google Made Advertising Concessions to Travel Partners But They’re Still Angry

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As the pandemic brought travel to a standstill in the first quarter and bookings were cancelled en masse, advertisers spent millions of dollars on Google advertising that turned into nothing. Since then, Google made concessions to some advertisers — but they scoff at the paltry amount.

Eight German travel companies that sent a letter to Google at the end of April seeking payment concessions on $80 million in first quarter advertising invoices ultimately got relief of less than 10 percent of the total, according to GetYourGuide spokesman Will Gluckin.

“Google didn’t even budge on 10 percent of that,” he said, adding that Google may have been more benevolent to some smaller advertisers, relatively speaking.

“It remains our view that they’ve leveraged their market position to excuse themselves from the responsibility to take care of the travel industry’s customers when the chips were down,” Gluckin said.

Axel Hefer, the CEO of

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An award-winning cam girl explains how online porn has changed in 18 years, from shaky webcams to six-figure salaries

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ImLive Cam Girl
ImLive Cam Girl


  • HottyTEEN69 has been a host on ImLive, a site where people can pay to watch cam girls, for nearly 18 years. 

  • She joined to help pay for her university fees in Romania back when the company was founded in 2002. 

  • Though camming sites like OnlyFans and IsMyGirl have caught the popular imaginary now, the early aughts were like the ‘wild west’ for adult entertainment sites. 

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Camming — live-streaming sex shows, typically from a bedroom — has grown into one of the most lucrative parts of the adult entertainment industry, earning models upwards of $100,000 a year.

In fact, the pandemic has fueled the multi-billion dollar camming industry, as lockdowns created an audience (people who couldn’t go out), and new models (people who lost jobs and sought ways to make money from home).

But long before the pandemic, and long before

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As Trump Calls for Schools to Fully Reopen, His Son’s School Says It Will Not

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St. Andrew's Episcopal School, which President Donald Trump's son Barron attends, in Potomac, Md., April 29, 2020. (Samuel Corum/The New York Times)
St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, which President Donald Trump’s son Barron attends, in Potomac, Md., April 29, 2020. (Samuel Corum/The New York Times)

WASHINGTON — The school attended by President Donald Trump’s son will not fully reopen in September out of concern over the coronavirus pandemic despite the president’s insistence that students across the country be brought back to classrooms in the fall.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, a private school in Washington’s Maryland suburbs, said in a letter to parents that it was still deciding whether to adopt a hybrid model for the fall that would allow limited in-person education or to resume holding all classes completely online as was done in the spring. The school will decide early next month which option to follow.

“We are hopeful that public health conditions will support our implementation of the hybrid model in the fall,” said the letter signed by Robert Kosasky, the

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How To Grow Your Money Safely During the Next Downturn

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As long as there has been a stock market, there have been fears about a dramatic market sell-off. These fears came true when the coronavirus pandemic sparked a major crash in mid-March, leaving investors unsure of how quickly the market would recover. However, many stocks have bounced back to the prices they were at before the crash, although certain industries remain vulnerable.

What can you do to help protect — and even grow — your money during the next downturn? Here’s a look at some general principles you should consider before the next sell-off, along with suggestions for investments that might fare better than the market as a whole.

Last updated: March 9, 2020

Review Your Asset Allocation

When you initially set up your portfolio, you likely chose a general investment objective such as growth or income, with assets chosen on the basis of this objective. Many financial advisors suggest

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