WA Tech Exec Charged With Laundering Coronavirus-Relief Money

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BELLEVUE, WA — A Washington tech executive has been charged for laundering millions of dollars that were supposed to be used supporting businesses and employees during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Department of Justice says 48-year-old Mukund Mohan of Clyde Hill filed eight fraudulent Paycheck Protection Program loans for six different companies. Paycheck Protection Program, or PPP, loans are supposed to be used to help struggling businesses stay afloat and pay their employees during the pandemic, but prosecutors say Mohan illegally used the money to support himself instead.

The complaint against Mohan alleges he lied several times about the companies he was requesting loans for, and about how many people were on their payroll. In one case, the DOJ says Mohan claimed a company of his, Mahenjo Inc., had dozens of employees who were receiving millions in wages during the pandemic. In fact, Mohan had bought Mahenjo online in May of

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Jeff Bezos is now so rich he could never spend the money he earned in a single day this week

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“I mean, what’s he going to do with it all. What can you spend all that money on?”

The question was asked of me by the finance director of a big UK bank who, while he admitted that he “got plenty of money”, was still simply staggered by what one of the former CEOs of one of its constituent parts had made – and was still making, through a truly vast pension. They were, at the time, a cause of some controversy given the grim road down which they’d led the company.

Although rhetorical, it was a good question. Yet that former CEO was a veritable pauper by comparison to the Amazon boss Jeff Bezos.

On Monday, shares in the online giant took on some rocket fuel and headed off for Mars, like Bezos presumably hopes his space exploration company will one day do. Having ended last week at

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24 Money-Making Apps That Turn Sitting at Home Into a Side Hustle

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Photo credit: katie buckleitner
Photo credit: katie buckleitner

From Cosmopolitan

Besides nailing a Tiktok dance, there’s no better feeling than watching your bank account level up (hey Ciara). Between scrolling through Instagram, adoring Nicki M’s maternity photos, and anticipating that text back for shooting your shot, why not make some extra cash?! Making money can literally be a no brainer if you have the right technology.

Maybe learning to invest is on your bucket list, or your closet’s calling (she needs some space), or you just want some free food. Whatever your situation, there’s an app to utilize your skill set with their unique, money-making platform. And that’s pretty freaking amazing since many of us could use A LOT more money right about now.

Check out these kinda genius apps for making money at home, but beware: Time flies when you’re making $$$ so keep your charger close.

1. If You Want to Start

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5 Realistic Smarter Money Moves You Can Do Right Now

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Welcome to #Adulting, the ultimate breakdown of all your grown-up needs. These articles are here to help you feel less alone and answer all your personal, financial, and career questions that weren’t answered in school (no judgement, we get it!). Whether you’re looking to find out how to tackle laundry or you want a deep breakdown on how to make a savings plan—we’ve got you covered. Come back every month to find out what life skills we’re upgrading next and how.

Gather all the personal financial advice you used to receive before the pandemic: The platitudes about not buying lattes or avocado toast. The “challenges” to put aside $1 a week. The admonishments that you should try to buy a home instead of renting one. Stack that advice into a pile, and set it on fire.

Even though none of that is unreasonable advice, it’s certainly not relevant guidance for

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With an Assist from Millennials, Online Auctions Are Thriving in the Covid Era

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Some people still balk at buying a pair of designer loafers online and relish the tactility of trying a dress on in person; but a $1.34 million jewel encrusted bracelet or Babe Ruth’s 1921 home-run baseball bat just shy of $1 million, all unseen? No problem. The Covid crisis has created many a new world, and buying blind is one of them. For those with deep pockets, the money is still there, and with buyers itching to spend, the industry has adapted fast.

“Our online sales program launched in 2016,” says Brooke Lampley, Sotheby’s vice chairman, where the Cartier bracelet was sold last month. Here, record prices were also achieved for Cognac ($118,580) sold in any auction (including live sales). “What’s new is really the volume and scale of the program: In 2020 to date, we have held 92 online auctions, totaling $150+

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Mind-bending sci-fi films to watch online now Tenet has been delayed

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It’s the news film fans had been dreading – Christopher Nolan’s mind bending sci-fi epic Tenet has been delayed indefinitely, with Warner Bros temporarily pulling it from their release calendar.

It was supposed to be the cinematic event of the summer, with an astronomical $200m (£157m) budget and a secretive plot – all we know so far is that it involves John David Washington’s special agent and his attempts to prevent a conflict “worse than World War III” through the manipulation of time.

All is not lost, though. The delay gives film lovers plenty more time to explore incredible time-twisting epics at home, and get their sci-fi references on point before the film eventually arrives.

From modern masterpieces to classics of the genre, these are some of the most ambitious and mind-bending sci-fi movies to discover from home after Tenet’s delay.


If you get to the end of Primer

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9 Reasons You Could Win a Scholarship for College

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Note that the situation for student loans has changed due to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak and relief efforts from the government and many lenders. Check out our Student Loan Hero Coronavirus Information Center for additional news and details.

*          *          *

If you’re hoping to help finance your college education with money you don’t have to pay back, you may be wondering how to win scholarships. There are many factors that go into getting scholarships or grants.

We’ll discuss nine reasons you might win a scholarship or grant and provide 12 tips to help you in your quest to secure these funds.

How to win scholarship or grants: 9 ways

1. Financial need 2. Academic achievement 3. Community service 4. Athletic accomplishments 5. Gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation 6. Parents’ place of employment 7. Being part of a military family 8. Unusual traits, skills or hobbies 9. Random

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Central Florida schools push learning option that lets them can keep student funding

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Central Florida public school districts are giving parents choices on how their children learn this fall, and many schools are pushing programs that would keep students in their home district.

The reason? Money. Public schools receive full funding for students who take classes on campus or through their own online learning model, but lose out on funds for kids enrolled in the Florida Virtual School — which could mean teacher layoffs.

Principals in Orange County have sent messages to parents through phone calls and social media posts expressing funding concerns and “highly recommending” the district’s new virtual program, OCPS LaunchED@Home, over the other virtual school option.

West Orange High School principal Matt Turner wrote in a newsletter to parents that he was “lobbying heavily” for families to pick on-campus learning if they’re comfortable or LaunchED@Home, which will have live, online lessons that follow a traditional school schedule.

“I just wanted

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This is the age when women and men make the most money

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics released data showing that in the U.S., women earn 81 cents for every one dollar that men make in 2020. The gender pay gap looks at the median salary for men and women regardless of their job type or seniority within their organization.

An analysis of the data shows that the pay gap forms early, meaning that men earn more from the start. Women not only earn less money than men, but their peak earning age is lower than the average peak earning age of men.

Median annual income of men and women

Below is the median annual income of men (as of the second quarter of 2020) divided by age group:

  • 16 to 19 years old: $26,936 annually

  • 20 to 24 years: $34,424 annually

  • 25 to 34 years: $50,076 annually

  • 35 to 44 years: $64,428 annually

  • 45 to 54 years: $66,092 annually

  • 55 to

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Schools Can’t Reopen Safely Without A Lot More Money. Congress Is Running Out Of Time.

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WASHINGTON ― In a matter of weeks, millions of children will head back to school in the middle of a pandemic, leaving millions more parents filled with anxiety about risking their child’s health ― not to mention school staff ― to get an education.

Public schools cannot safely reopen without a massive infusion of emergency funding from Congress, which is already dangerously late to this. Think of all the things a single school needs: Hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes for classrooms. No-touch thermometers. Regular deep cleanings, which means hiring more custodial staff. Ensuring that every school has at least one full-time nurse (25% of schools have no nurse at all). Someone on every school bus to screen kids’ temperatures before boarding. Gloves and masks for staff. Masks for students who don’t bring one from home. Resuming before- and after-school child care programs with new cleaning protocols.

That doesn’t even factor

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