Gov. Newsom orders most California schools to stay closed until coronavirus spread lessens

dhita yudha

Gov. Gavin Newsom handed down strict guidelines that will require most California schools to keep their buildings closed to start the year to cope with the coronavirus outbreak.

Those that do reopen during the coronavirus outbreak must require masks for older childrena as well as makes and consistent testing for staff.

“Learning in the state of California is simply non negotiable,” Newsom said during a Friday press conference. “Schools must, and I underscore must, provide meaningful instruction during this pandemic, whether they are physically open or not.”

He said Californians who want schools and businesses open could aid that effort by wearing masks to control the spread of the disease.

“If that’s your top priority… model the behavior than can actually extinguish this virus,” he said.

The California Department of Public Health built a five-point framework for schools to follow that Newsom said would allow students to learn during the

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