Man who flipped out at a Costco for being asked to wear a mask is fired from his insurance job

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A Florida man who went on an abusive tirade at a Costco after an elderly woman asked him to wear his mask has been fired from his insurance job. 

Daniel Maples, whose outburst in the Fort Myers store on June 27 was caught on a viral video posted online Monday, was a leading sales agent at Ted Todd Insurance. 

The insurance agency tweeted on Tuesday that Maples’ behavior was not in line with ‘company values’ and that he had been ‘terminated’. 

‘Threatening behavior and intimidation go against our core mission to be trusted advisors in our community,’ wrote the agency’s CEO Charley Todd in a follow up tweet that promised the company would follow up with a review of its internal culture. 

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A man, whose abusive tirade at an elderly woman who asked him to wear a mask in a Fort Myers, Florida, Costco on June

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Arizona’s rugged individualism poses barrier to mask rules

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PHOENIX (AP) — With the coronavirus spreading out of control and Arizona cities beginning just last month to require residents wear masks in public, a few hundred people gathered in Scottsdale to make clear they didn’t approve of the heavy hand of government telling them to cover their faces.

A city councilman, Guy Phillips, came to the podium and ripped off his black face mask, declaring, “I can’t breathe!”

He later insisted his comment was meant to highlight the oppressive nature of masks, not to mock the dying words of George Floyd under the knee of a Minneapolis police officer, though Phillips’ words were widely interpreted as racist.

The episode highlights the visceral opposition to government mandates, a fierce individualism that has endured among some in Arizona since the days of the Wild West. The buzz-off attitude is taking on new importance as the state has become one of the

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ADA does not provide blanket exemption from face mask requirements

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The claim: The Americans with Disabilities Act exempts people from face mask requirements imposed by governments and retailers 

Face mask use has been a source of confusion and contention amid the COVID-19 pandemic. As new outbreaks of the coronavirus grow across the country, some anti-mask activists have claimed that policies mandating mask-wearing infringe on disability rights.

“According to ADA Mask Not Required Anywhere in America!” one flyer shared hundreds of times on Facebook reads.

The graphic cites the Americans with Disabilities Act’s requirement for “reasonable accommodation to anyone who cannot wear a mask due a medical condition,” as explanation for why mask wearing is optional under the law.

Similar images and claims have been circulating online for weeks. Images of laminated “Face Mask Exempt Cards” from the fictitious “Freedom to Breath Agency” went viral after some attempted to use the cards to enter stores across the country.

Another viral

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These Face Mask Chains Offer a Safe, Stylish Way to Keep Your Mask Handy

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After every bi-weekly grocery store run, I encounter the same problem. I load up my car with groceries, slather on some hand sanitizer, take off my face mask, then get stuck wondering the best place to put it. Should I stick it in my purse? Toss it on the passenger seat? Both options carry the risk of misplacing my mask or contaminating other surfaces with lingering supermarket germs. I’ve also seen masks hanging from a rearview mirror, but that might block my view. Is there any truly safe, practical option that keeps your face mask at the ready for when you need it?

Enter: face mask chains, a new accessory designed to keep your mask conveniently strung around your neck when you take it off. Similar to those made for eyeglasses, the chains connect to the straps on each side of the mask and wrap around your neck like jewelry.

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Wear a mask in shops or risk fine

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The new policy marks an about-turn on the issue after days of uncertainty. CREDIT: BLOWER - BLOWER
The new policy marks an about-turn on the issue after days of uncertainty. CREDIT: BLOWER – BLOWER

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Shoppers who do not wear a mask risk £100 fine

Mask up – or risk a £100 fine. That is the message to shoppers as the Government announces that face coverings will become mandatory in stores. Health Secretary Matt Hancock will confirm that guidance is being updated to make the wearing of face coverings compulsory in England from July 24, with fines for anyone who fails to adhere to the new rules. The announcement comes after days of confusion in which Boris Johnson, and Michael Gove made apparently contradictory statements about whether face coverings should be mandatory in shops. Confused

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Some Americans refuse to mask up. Rules, fines and free masks will change that, experts say.

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Many Americans have embraced health officials’ recommendation to wear masks in public, and those who refuse to mask up are likely to encounter increasing pressure in the coming weeks and months.

There is a “sizable minority” of Americans who are skeptical, Ashish Jha, director of the Harvard Global Health Institute, told USA TODAY – evidenced in part by numerous viral videos showing shoppers flouting mask rules.

Critics say mask mandates infringe on their personal freedom. Some right-leaning Americans call masks a tool of oppression, Democratic conspiracy and even sacrilege.

Evidence shows face coverings are an effective way of slowing the spread of COVID-19, leading more state leaders to enact mask mandates. Friday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, said face coverings were “the only way” to avoid another shutdown of the state’s economy.

Officials voting to require face masks in public have faced lawsuits and have been shouted down by

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