24 Money-Making Apps That Turn Sitting at Home Into a Side Hustle

dhita yudha

Photo credit: katie buckleitner
Photo credit: katie buckleitner

From Cosmopolitan

Besides nailing a Tiktok dance, there’s no better feeling than watching your bank account level up (hey Ciara). Between scrolling through Instagram, adoring Nicki M’s maternity photos, and anticipating that text back for shooting your shot, why not make some extra cash?! Making money can literally be a no brainer if you have the right technology.

Maybe learning to invest is on your bucket list, or your closet’s calling (she needs some space), or you just want some free food. Whatever your situation, there’s an app to utilize your skill set with their unique, money-making platform. And that’s pretty freaking amazing since many of us could use A LOT more money right about now.

Check out these kinda genius apps for making money at home, but beware: Time flies when you’re making $$$ so keep your charger close.

1. If You Want to Start

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