Tesla is quickly ramping up its ability to make cars, trucks, SUVs, batteries, and solar panels. Take a closer look at its master plan.

dhita yudha

A rendering of Tesla's forthcoming Gigafactory near Berlin, Germany.
A rendering of Tesla’s forthcoming Gigafactory near Berlin, Germany.


  • Tesla is rapidly growing its worldwide manufacturing footprint.

  • The company is operating factories in California, Nevada, New York, and China.

  • A new plant is under construction in Germany, and Tesla just announced another factory will be built near Austin, Texas.

  • In just a few years, Tesla has become a global manufacturing juggernaut, supporting its goal of becoming the biggest provider of sustainable transportation and energy.

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I can remember a time when Tesla barely made any cars. That was back in 2010, when it had just taken over a former GM-Toyota plant near San Francisco. The only car for sale was the original Roadster, and just a few thousand had hit the road.

Fast forward to 2019, and Tesla had sold 250,000 vehicles in a single year, with the goal of doubling that total

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