It’s time to start using a password manager: Here’s how

dhita yudha

Password management is basically a nightmare. Making them, remembering them and having to create a new one when they expire when all you want to do is log in. Then there’s always some security disaster making us have to reset our passwords again. On top of all that, it seems like every time we buy a lightbulb we have to make a new account of some kind. Nowadays, remembering every single password is impossible.

This all feels overwhelming, which is why so many people give up on password security before they even start. And old (bad) habits die hard, like using the same password for everything (or never changing them). Worse, many people will make the simplest, most hacker-friendly passwords around, like “123456.” This house of cards is destined to come down in the worst ways, like through hacked video call accounts, identity theft, drained bank accounts, or hijacked

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