First Insight’s Data Puts Coronavirus Impact on Consumer Behavior Into Five Key Phases

dhita yudha

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Since the very first days of the coronavirus pandemic, consumer behavior has been in a constant state of change.

Five consumer studies by First Insight, taken between February and April, found that perception that COVID-19 would impact the global economy remained consistently strong as consumers adjusted to new world orders. Worry and fear became driving forces and reached a peak in April correlating with reports of high levels of positive virus cases.

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First Insight’s first report, on Feb. 28, identified Millennials as the most worried. “Millennials were first to change behavior, curtailing spending and going out in public less often, stocking up on goods and being more likely to work from home,” authors said of the report. Data from the survey found 36 percent of Millennial respondents had changed how much they were spending on products as a result of

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What we’ll lose if the pandemic puts an end to the sharing of food

dhita yudha

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My 2-year-old has a hard time sharing. Open a bag of Goldfish crackers, and good luck getting one or two for yourself. Lucky for him, now that he spends most of his time within the confines of our home, he no longer has to do nearly as much sharing as before.

When my son’s Bay Area daycare shut down in mid-March, so did many of the opportunities for him to learn—and grapple with—the art and discipline of accepting that we don’t get everything to ourselves all the time. It’s an important lesson for toddlers. But lately, I’ve been thinking about how the pandemic, and all of the new restrictions the crisis has introduced into our daily life, has cut down on opportunities for us adults to learn to

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