Tambla snaps up Datacom Business Services

Credit: Datacom

Australian workforce management and optimisation solutions provider Tambla has acquired Datacom Business Services, part of Datacom’s enterprise payroll service business in Australia, in a move aimed at building out the company’s national customer base.

Datacom Business Services (DBS) operates as a payroll service provider and system integrator that deals in payroll services, SAP system integration and hosted services for its long-term government and enterprise customers, according to Tambla.  

It is understood the business unit represents a small part of Datacom’s payroll solutions business in Australia, containing about 40 staff, all of whom will move over to the Tambla camp. 

Based in North Sydney, Tambla bills itself as an enterprise human resources (HR) software company that delivers cloud-first, intelligent workforce solutions to organisations with large ‘shift-based’ workforces. 

The company claims more than 200 customers in over 5,800 locations globally, including leading organisations within government, global ports, aviation, transportation, retail,

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Bank of America Is Ballast in a Balanced Portfolio

a sign above a store at night: Bank of America Stock and the Buffett Effect

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Bank of America Stock and the Buffett Effect

I may have gotten into Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) stock a little early last month.

a sign above a store at night: Bank of America Stock and the Buffett Effect

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Bank of America Stock and the Buffett Effect

Bank stocks are still in bad odor because money remains free. The Federal Reserve has said it will pour money into the economy even if inflation rises. A three-month Treasury bill now yields .13%, a 30-year bond 1.45%. 

On the other hand, Bank of America’s 18 cent dividend rate, even if it seems modest, yields 2.82%. It was a nice ballast to have when Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) fell 12% over 10 days.

It’s like the old investment adage. You don’t diversify your portfolio to make money. You diversify it to keep the money you have.

A Bank Going Nowhere

In a recent report, Bank of America

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