5 Basic Steps You Need to Create an Impactful Social Marketing Strategy

The secret to a perfect social media campaign for your business starts by creating the right social marketing strategy. Instagram, one of the top social media platforms, has millions of active users. When you utilise the same with the right strategy, it can attract a lot of customer attention to your business and brand as a whole. Some brands even include a plan to buy Instagram likes to better suit their ad campaign. The right strategy for social marketing starts with understanding, planning, and executing the strategy.

 Here, we will break it down with 5 steps for easier understanding.

  1. Create an Ideal Objective Of The Advertising Campaign

Before you start with the Instagram ad campaign, you need to understand why you are doing it in the first place. Well, you want an ad campaign for the following reasons.

  • Brand awareness
  • To reach more customers that were previously unavailable for your business
  • To drive more incoming traffic
  • To engage with customers more directly with dedicated content
  • To have a direct conversation with your customers to under what they exactly prefer

  1. Use an ideal and Unique Instagram Ad Format

Since the campaign objective is now set, it is time to choose or create your format of ad that is best suited to visualize your brand story. For example, a photo depicting your brand story builds brand awareness and makes it a very engaging content.

For example, you can add a CTA like the ‘Shop Now’ button underneath the picture of a product. This makes it easier for your customers to buy your product once they like it.


  1. Prefer Targeted Ad Placement

Most of the time, customers simply scroll down the ad because the ad is in no way relevant to them. This is where the targeted ad system comes in.

For example, if a user regularly clicks the ‘like’ button of images of cats and dogs, the Instagram algorithm determines it as user interest. This will make Instagram decide that this user prefers pictures of pets over friend’s or family’s photos. And that is why you should only post content that belongs to the interests of your core targeted base. Some brands also prefer to get more Instagram followers to increase the size of their targeted base.

 You can also create a custom audience to better suit your ads accordingly. This allows you to serve a special message to the users who once visited the cart of any product. This message could be set by you to remind them that they have items in cart yet to be purchased


  1. Choose the Right Budget for Your Campaign

 Instagram’s unique photo and video-based ad format are like modern art which can be visually stunning. So, there is no definite cost model when it comes to Instagram ads. You set the budget and let Instagram do its magic algorithm to get you the best possible ad on the objective of your choice.

 It gives you two options. Either you choose a definite budget for a lifetime or a daily budget for your Instagram ad campaign. This is also the same for Facebook advertising.

  1. Know How Much You Should Bid

Before you invest in an Instagram ad, think clearly about your objective. If your objective is to promote your brand awareness and make the most out of this system, then bid on CPM. The CPM stands for cost per thousand impressions.

 For example, if you bid on 1000 CPM, then you will only pay for every 1000 impressions on your ad. This strategy is a sure-fire way to achieve the number of likes and engagement you expect from a social media campaign.