LI job growth has slowed as the unemployed await promised $300 aid boost

Long Island reported anemic job growth last month as jobless residents and New Yorkers across the state waited anxiously for a boost of $300 in weekly unemployment payments to hit their bank accounts in the coming days.

In August, Long Island was still down 152,200 jobs from a year earlier, the state Labor Department reported Thursday, with a gain of 7,500 nonfarm jobs on a month-to-month basis. The monthly gain is well below the 17,800 jobs gained in July, and the pace of growth has slowed since the 78,000 new jobs reported in June.

“The overall pace of job growth on Long Island slowed,” said Shital Patel, labor market analyst in the Labor Department’s Hicksville office. “The large gains in jobs in May, June, and July reflect the phased reopening of the economy.”

Patel said that the slower job growth in August is likely due to businesses relying on smaller

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AIA Singapore to create up to 500 job opportunities to help tackle unemployment amid COVID-19

SINGAPORE: Insurance provider AIA Singapore has pledged to create up to 500 job opportunities for fresh graduates and mid-career job seekers to help cushion the blow of rising unemployment amid COVID-19.

Successful candidates will undergo an initial 10-month training programme, leading to three certifications in finance and investment.

Financial support of between S$2,000 and S$5,000 per month will be provided during the programme, with a bonus awarded upon completion of certain training modules.

“At a time when so many are impacted by retrenchment or are struggling to find jobs, it is vital that we support Singaporeans and permanent residents by creating sustainable and long-term career opportunities,” said Ms Wong Sze Keed, CEO of AIA Singapore in a media release on Monday (Sep 21).

“The AIA Financial Career Scheme 2020 equips individuals with the skills and necessary financial knowledge to pursue a new career path in the financial services

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Travel insurance firm plans major Windsor expansion, adding hundreds of jobs

A travel insurance firm born and raised in Windsor is planning a workforce-doubling expansion that would add 300 jobs and serve as a guiding light for diversifying the local economy.

a sign on the side of a building: Travel insurance firm Active Care Management is eyeing this industrial building at 3355 Munich Court in Windsor's Twin Oaks Business Park, shown Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2020, for a major expansion and possible doubling of its local workforce.

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Travel insurance firm Active Care Management is eyeing this industrial building at 3355 Munich Court in Windsor’s Twin Oaks Business Park, shown Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2020, for a major expansion and possible doubling of its local workforce.

Active Care Management is currently located on Wheelton Drive, but steady growth and the recent landing of new business has spurred it to find a bigger location. It will be leasing a vacant manufacturing facility on nearby Munich Court and embarking on a $13-million renovation to convert it to office space.

“We’re now taking a bigger footprint and excited to do so,” said ACM president David Rivelis, who was one of the founders of the original firm, CanAm

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Prepare W-4 2020, other benefits when you get a new job

Peter Dunn, Special to USA TODAY
Published 11:26 a.m. ET Sept. 20, 2020 | Updated 3:41 p.m. ET Sept. 21, 2020


Open enrollment for Obamacare 2018 plans began Nov. 1. For most states, the last day to sign up is Dec. 15.
Video provided by Newsy

Dear Pete,

I’ve been without work income for four months now, but I just received a job offer. I haven’t started a new job for almost twenty years, as I’d been with the same company that entire time. When it comes to starting a new job, have things changed from a benefits and procedural perspective? I want to make sure I don’t make any mistakes.

–  Allison, New Haven, Connecticut

Congratulations. And I hope millions of other Americans are soon able to experience what you’re about to experience.

You’re smart to pause and ensure your onboarding process goes smoothly. It’s incredibly easy to

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Compare job titles and quotes

It’s important to read this before you change your job title so you know what’s a legitimate change and what isn’t (this can be fraud if it’s not done right). If you’re happy the tweak you’re doing is legit, go straight to our Cheap Car Insurance guide for more MoneySaving tips (or contact your insurer if you’re mid-policy).

What can’t you do?

If you’re an office administrator and you want to say you’re a driving instructor as it’s cheaper, this is simple fraud. And if your insurance company finds out, it could cancel your policy and add you to a central fraud database, which other insurers can see – making it hard to get cover in future.

What can you do (legally)?

As, Martin says above – imagine you’re asking a reasonable person who knew what you did for a living. Would they say it was reasonable for you to

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Job-based premiums continue to rise faster than wages, inflation

Annual premiums for job-based family coverage rose to $21,342 on average this year, according to an annual survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

That’s 3.7% higher than the cost of family coverage in 2019. Workers are paying more than a fourth of that tab—$5,588—with their employers picking up the rest. Meanwhile, premiums for individual coverage reached $7,470, an increase of 3.9%, with workers paying about 17% of the share at $1,243.

About 157 million people have employer-sponsored health coverage. Premiums for job-based insurance continue to rise at rates faster than workers’ wages and general inflation, which rose 3.4% and 2.1% year-over-year, respectively, the report showed. Over the last decade, average family premiums soared 55%, while wages grew 27% and inflation increased 19%.

The COVID-19 pandemic has threatened to disrupt employer-sponsored coverage, as companies lay off workers amid the economic downturn. Though estimates vary, multiple studies concluded that millions have lost

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Lloyds Banking Group axing 865 jobs across its retail, insurance and wealth arms

Video: Rishi Sunak reveals Job Retention Bonus for employers who bring back furloughed staff between now and January 2021 (Birmingham Mail)

Rishi Sunak reveals Job Retention Bonus for employers who bring back furloughed staff between now and January 2021



a group of people standing in front of a building: MailOnline logo

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Lloyds Banking Group has confirmed it plans to axe 865 jobs in a bid to simplify its business.

The lender has said that most of the job cuts will affect its insurance, wealth and retail teams, adding that staff hit by the job cuts would start leaving in November at the earliest.

The job cuts form part of a restructuring plan Lloyds initiated before the pandemic started, but has now revived.

New data released this week shows more than 300,000 jobs were put at risk of redundancy in June and July, which is nearly seven times higher than

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Unemployment Claims Send Another Worrisome Note

Despite some signs of economic revival, the outlook for American workers remains treacherous, with layoffs continuing to claim hundreds of thousands of jobs a week.

The weekly figures on unemployment claims from the Labor Department on Thursday showed no relief, reflecting what Michael Gapen, chief U.S. economist at Barclays, said was “a transition to a slower pace of recovery, and one that will be more uneven.”

The department reported that more than 857,000 workers filed new claims for state unemployment insurance last week, before seasonal adjustments, a slight increase from the previous week. On a seasonally adjusted basis, the total was 884,000, unchanged from the revised figure for the previous week.

In addition, about 839,000 new claims were tallied under a federal program called Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, which provides assistance to freelancers, part-time workers and others who do not ordinarily qualify for state benefits. That figure, which is not seasonally

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Job vacancies remain unfilled as unemployment claims increase | Economy & business

At its peak, more than 4,500 unemployment insurance claims were filed by Frederick County residents during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the week of Sept. 12, less than 200 new claims were filed in the county.

It’s a significant drop, but it indicates people are still losing their jobs or can’t find new employment opportunities six months into the global pandemic. Meanwhile, many industries like manufacturing, construction and nursing are actively hiring and not getting the help they need.

According to iHire, a Frederick-based website for jobseekers and employers, 36.9 percent of current job seekers are unemployed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile, 27.9 percent of companies that aren’t hiring right now are doing so because they’ve had to downsize during COVID-19. But some fields are actively growing, said Patty McDonald, business services manager for Frederick County Workforce Services. These include manufacturing, life sciences and bio-health, transportation and health care, most

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Mayor Ketron’s daughter unsuccessfully applies for county jobs | News

Rutherford County Mayor Bill Ketron’s daughter, Kelsey Ketron Randolph, who is on probation on charges related to an investigation of the family’s insurance business, unsuccessfully applied for two jobs in the county property assessor’s office, according to public records and a county official.

One state official said Ketron Randolph should not be working in any job connected to her father.

Ketron Randolph is serving eight years’ probation after having pled no contest to various charges including fraud, forgery and theft related to having worked as vice president of her father’s insurance firm; some of that work happened while her license was inactive.

The Murfreesboro Post obtained copies of two job applications she submitted for openings in the property assessor’s office – Administrative Support II and Appraiser I – Real Property.

The DA’s response

Bruce Garner is the communications director for the 11th Judicial District in Hamilton County, the district attorney’s

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