Domestic Violence in Salt Lake City: How an Attorney Can Help the Abused

Domestic Violence in Salt Lake City: How an Attorney Can Help the Abused

Domestic violence impacts a lot of families in Salt Lake City. If you are a domestic violence victim, there are a lot of reasons to hire a Salt Lake City domestic violence lawyer. Your attorney can help protect your rights and ensure your safety. They can file a case against your abuser and make the law works in your favor. Read to know more about what a lawyer can do for your case:

File for Divorce

Domestic violence may be enough reason for you to end your marriage with an abusive spouse in a divorce. Being in an abusive relationship, it can take serious strength to leave the abuser. Should you decide to let go of the relationship, an attorney can help you file for divorce. Your attorney can help you settle your divorce out of court or through litigation. This way, you can have a fair share of your marital assets and custody of your children.

Fight for Child Custody

Domestic violence and abuse get harder when you have kids. You may prefer to stay married to your abusive spouse to ensure your kids live a normal family life. If you are the abused spouse, you may feel like losing custody of your children if you leave the marriage. However, a domestic violence attorney can help you fight for your kids. They will ensure your children’s best interests are prioritized.

Obtain Financial Support

If you are an abused wife, you may feel that you cannot support yourself after you divorce your husband. Rather than facing financial struggles, you may prefer to stay in a toxic relationship. But even after you divorce your abusive husband, you can still secure financial support from them when a good domestic violence attorney is representing you. Your attorney can help you get both spousal and child support. 

Get Help Collecting Evidence

Domestic violence and abuse may not be directly apparent, especially when you are suffering from emotional abuse. That is why you must collect evidence of evidence. The evidence you can get can help prove the pain and suffering you or your children have to go through. You will need it when trying to fight custody of your children. A domestic violence attorney knows the kinds of evidence to find to ensure you get the best outcome. Also, they can sort through social media posts, cell phone messages, and even injuries you have suffered from the abuser.