SLASSCOM launches Global Technology and Business Services Council

The Sri Lanka Association for Software and Service Companies (SLASSCOM) was one of 12 global industry players that came together to launch The Global Technology & Business Services Council (GTBSC). The Council hopes to represent the industry globally. Chairman SLASSCOM Channa Manoharan participated in a webinar on July 16 to signal the launch.

The GTBSC will work to improve the Global Sourcing Standard which will set industry norms for the sector. The GTBSC shall also work on a standard contract that will be concise and can be used as a template for business to contract with.

The organization will set out an Industry Code of Conduct.

Manoharan said, “the current impact is only temporary. The Business Outlook is positive for us beyond 2021. We see companies seeing the need for increased digital adoption.”

Manoharan highlighted that Sri Lanka was already impacted by the economic fallout due to the Easter bombings and that the Coronavirus impact while the country was still weak.

The GTBSC represents over 10,000 organizations and 10 million professionals.

The organization will provide a qualification framework as well for professionals both in and those looking to join the industry.

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