Solo Startups, can it be done?

Solo Startups, can it be done?

When starting a new business, looking at all that needs to be done can be extremely daunting and scary. How will you get the work done? Will the company be successful? How can I fund my startup? The very first step in starting any business is securing a startup loan. By searching websites such as, you are able to search company reviews for online startup loans.

A startup doesn’t necessarily have to be a brand new idea for a product or service. It can be something that is already sold in many places. Where there is a need for a product, a consumer will buy it. In order to make your startup successful, do your research of other startups that have seen great success. Talk to other startup business owners to get tips on what they did to grow their business, as well as anything they wish they had done differently.

Here are another 8 tips on starting a successful business on your own.

  1. You have to start somewhere. Start at the very beginning and put your pen to your paper and lay out your business idea. It doesn’t have to be a unique idea or anything particularly fancy. That is the beauty of startups.

  1. Sell absolutely anything. Do you want to sell diapers online, even though there are multiple places to purchase diapers? Do it! Consumers enjoy choices when it comes to making their purchases, and you might just offer something that a regular supermarket would not offer in terms of service or a great deal.

  1. Ask for help. If you are stuck on the legalities of owning and operating a business, ask someone who can help you make sense of it all. People are very willing to talk about their own successes, so take advantage of that.

  1. Hire remote workers. Having an office is an unnecessary cost, using money that could be spent elsewhere such as storage space or hiring remote workers. These days, with telecommuting being labelled the future of work, you can hire workers from the global pool, which also gives you access to fresh talent and skills.

  1. Hire contract workers. Hiring workers on a contract or project basis gives you the opportunity to make use of new skills and talents. Contact workers would typically charge you an overall fee, rather than hourly. This can save you costs that can be used to grow your business further.

  1. Find someone who will co-found your business with you. Look for someone with strong skills in the market you are breaking into, as well as who will inspire you to create a better business.

  1. Work with someone who will push you. In the case of startups, the worst person would be a “yes” man. You need someone who will challenge you at every turn and question every decision you make which can lead to new insights and ideas to drive your business forwards.

  1. Don’t focus on money. Some startups are slower at making a profit than others. Look at how you can sell more and focus on that. Never ever ask for money. The last thing you want to do is get yourself into unnecessary debt.