5 directions WWE could go with Otis’ Money in the Bank briefcase

The current situation surrounding the men’s Money in the Bank briefcase is weird, to say the least. Otis, primarily a comic character, won it in the cinematic Money in the Bank Ladder Match on the roof of WWE Headquarters. However, WWE has not done much to elevate him towards a serious role.

In fact, Otis is doing even more comedy work and has been using his briefcase as a lunchbox. He, along with Tucker, has been feuding with The Miz and John Morrison lately. The two heels have tried to steal the briefcase, but Otis has outsmarted them so far.

There are several ways this storyline, and Otis as Mr. Money in the Bank, could play out. He has been successful at maintaining the physical Money in the Bank contract, but things could change soon. WWE will need to be creative with the briefcase right now, with the world title

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