These Face Mask Chains Offer a Safe, Stylish Way to Keep Your Mask Handy

After every bi-weekly grocery store run, I encounter the same problem. I load up my car with groceries, slather on some hand sanitizer, take off my face mask, then get stuck wondering the best place to put it. Should I stick it in my purse? Toss it on the passenger seat? Both options carry the risk of misplacing my mask or contaminating other surfaces with lingering supermarket germs. I’ve also seen masks hanging from a rearview mirror, but that might block my view. Is there any truly safe, practical option that keeps your face mask at the ready for when you need it?

Enter: face mask chains, a new accessory designed to keep your mask conveniently strung around your neck when you take it off. Similar to those made for eyeglasses, the chains connect to the straps on each side of the mask and wrap around your neck like jewelry. The mask then rests against your chest when removed to eat or drink or once you’re a safe distance from others.

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Most face mask chains connect to the mask with a lobster clasp (like those often used on necklaces). This means your mask must have elastic ear loops rather than ties. Now available through Etsy and online shops like Pretty Connected, the innovative accessories come in several material choices including fabric, metal, and beaded chains.

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Not only does this invention eliminate the problem of where to put my mask, but face mask chains could also help decrease the chances of losing or forgetting my mask when I leave home. Additionally, the accessory eliminates the need to dig around in my purse to locate my mask when out in public.

The chains offer another way to customize face masks, which come in a huge assortment of colors and material choices, with your personal style. You can find a variety of chain options with unique details, like a colorful beaded face mask chain ($7, Etsy) or a delicate daisy chain ($32, Etsy). For a sportier look, a lanyard-style strap ($15, Etsy) comes in a rainbow of colors and includes an adjustable ear guard that eliminates discomfort around your ears when wearing a mask.

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Pick out a chain to match your face mask (or choose several to switch out according to your outfit) to make this protective covering even easier to wear—and more stylish. Consider this one more compelling reason to wear your face mask whenever you leave the house.

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