These Personal Finance Apps Can Change Your Life

  • Apps that help consumers manage their money are becoming more and more popular
  • Making smart, calculated, and guided decisions on personal capital is one of the most critical parts of life
  • These four apps believe they have you covered when it comes to taking control of your financial present and future

You Need a Budget: You Need a Budget personal finance app that focuses on helping users achieve some structure in their financial decisions. Its platform is built on its “Four Rules”: 1) Give every dollar a job, 2) Embrace your true expenses, 3) Roll with the punches, and 4) Age your money.

Users can line up the app with their checking account in order to balance transactions against budget plans and personal financial goals. You Need a Budget also provides reports that show users how they’re doing throughout the month. Per the company, the average user saves up to $6,000 in their first year.

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Personal Capital: Personal Capital is an app that allows users to manage investments along while keeping tabs on daily spending accounts. According to Personal Capital, its users can integrate all of their financial platforms, such as banks, into the app in order to track goals.

Personal Capital focuses on this by allowing users to track their personal portfolio by account, asset class or individual security. Its software assist in risk management and the evasion of hidden fees, as well. Users can also receive access to financial advisors through the platform for investment assistance.

Mint: Mint is a derivative of Intuit’s personal finances apps. Its bread and butter is painting a clear, actionable picture of each user’s entire financial status, goals, and growth. Per the company, its app tracks all spending and transactions after linking the each user’s credit and debit cards.

Mint users also can get assistance and help with the improvement of their credit score while keeping track of bill payments and budget goals. People on the platform can also set up scheduled email reminders for bill payments and important financial checkpoints.

Spendee: Spendee is an innovative personal finance tracker that allows users to work with others on achieving financial goals. The platform allows its users to develop shared wallets with friends and family in order to manage a household budget.

Per the company, people can import their bank transactions so that the app can track spending and help users understand patterns and opportunities for saving money, and a bill tracker reminds people to pay bills on time.

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